Senate announces inquiry into pet food industry:

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‘Having a pet die is an absolutely terrible thing’: Senate announces inquiry into pet food industry 7.30 By Angelique Donnellan  Australia’s $4 billion pet food industry will be scrutinised by a parliamentary inquiry after a series of reports by 7.30 revealed plastic, shards of metal and mould had been found in some foods, and one popular brand was implicated in more than 100 dogs falling sick. It comes as the industry’s own representative body, the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA), concedes a federal regulator should have the power to pull foods from shelves. Currently the industry enjoys a regime of self-regulation and recalls are almost unheard of. Centre Alliance senator Stirling Griff proposed the parliamentary inquiry and said it would examine the feasibility of formal oversight, mandatory recalls and pet food labelling. He said pet owners would be invited to participate in the inquiry. “This is a $4 billion industry and it is self-regulated — it looks after its own compliance and its own recalls. It’s hardly a model for transparency and assured good practice,” he said. Senator Griff said he was concerned that dozens of dogs had developed the incurable condition megaesophagus, with some euthanased, after eating popular dry dog food Advance Dermocare. Do you know more about this story? Email    Melbourne University researchers are investigating whether there is evidence to definitively link the illness to the food. Advance Dermocare was recalled three months after manufacturer Mars Petcare first learned of a potential problem. “There is no framework to implement mandatory recalls,” Senator Griff said. “There are no real repercussions for manufacturers who fail to notify their industry body or the public of potential hazards and initiate product recalls within a reasonable time.”‘Let’s shine a light in’    Rachel Dola’s dog Zara was euthanased after being diagnosed with megaesophagus. Zara was fed Advance Dermocare. Ms Dola said industry scrutiny was overdue. “It shouldn’t have taken so many lives to learn that the system failed but it’s fantastic news that the committee will be investigating the industry, especially given that public input hasn’t been considered before,” she told 7.30. “It’s time pet owners are actually heard.” Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said he also supported the inquiry. “Let’s shine a light in. Scrutiny is only ever a good thing and I look forward to the inquiry’s recommendations,” he said. “Having a pet die is an absolutely terrible thing. It can be like losing a family member.” Mr Littleproud said he’d already asked the states and territories to consider a rethink on how the industry operates. So far only Queensland, Tasmanian and South Australian ministers have indicated support for a review.Plastic found in wet dog food    The Federal Government is under mounting pressure to regulate the industry as failings and shoddy practices come to light, including pla
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