Beef Dog Food Taste Test: The Mastiff Dog Participated In Another Canned Dog Food Taste Test. The Quick Unscientific Canned Dog Food Taste Test Was Performed Spontaneously. Both sample cans are 13.2 Oz. The Mastiff Dog chose Purina Alpo Gravy Cravers With Beef In Gravy over Pedigree With Beef Choice Cuts In Gravy. Note: Pedigree Contains 8.0% Crude Protein, 3.0% Crude Fat, 1.0% Crude Fiber 82% Moisture along with main ingredients. Purina Alpo Contains 10.0% Crude Protein, 3.0% Crude Fat, 1.5% Crude Fiber and 82% Moisture along with other main ingredients. Pedigree cost about 80 cents per can and Alpo about 68 cents per can. Note: The dog in the video also completely devoured the Pedigree sample after the Alpo sample was consumed. Additionally: Both Brands have similarities and differences in their complete list of ingredients. The Winner Purina Alpo Sample contains an admirable and above average 10.0% Crude Protein.


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