Your dog will be very busy in a 24/7 training program that is full of structure and rules. If you enter the picture too early your presence will trigger past memories, past habits and actually be counter productive to your dog’s progress. Don’t worry on top of the training your dog will also have plenty of downtime, play, and socialization!

Jakub Baczynski

Montreal K9 Training


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Montreal K9 Training



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Montreal K9 Training specializes in pet obedience and rehabilitation. Any breed, any age, any problem. Successfully fixing all dog behaviours and issues including aggression, fear, nervousness, shyness, resource guarding, leash pulling, leash reactivity, excessive barking, compulsive behaviours, inability to relax, nipping, biting, jumping, anxiety, destroying household items, running away, eating from the counter or trash, digging holes, chasing cats and other animals. Montreal K9 Training provides top level obedience which includes walking properly on a leash, sit/stay, down/stay, recall (come to owner), place, crate training, calm on command. Montreal K9 Training services include Board and Train, 1-on-1 Private Training, consultation, Board and Play. Montreal K9 Training has an incredibly modern and unique low level E-collar (wireless leash for off-leash perfection) and combines this with food training to get extremely reliable results for the real world. Montreal K9 Training is usually the last stop after clients have been through multiple trainers. Located in Montreal, but serving clients from everywhere in Canada/USA. For more information please visit my website


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