I wanted to buy my dogs a grain free dog food. I have been buying a few different ones to see which ones they like the best before settling on a brand. I bought PEAK today and was astonished at how my Happy, a Cockapoo, reacted! I am not sure if she likes PEAK, a Rachael Ray food. She has been slow to eat it.

I started this channel to show YouTube what a REAL country woman is like. There is so much on YouTube that depicts southern women as something different than we really are! I am inviting you into my REAL life experiences and daily vlog so that you can see a REAL southern woman’s personality! On my Cooking Channel “Collard Valley Cooks” Here are some reviews:
She is: no acting, real, down to earth, southern girl, plain and simple, not uppity, warm personality, inspirational, blessing, down home, entertaining, informative, country cook, joyful, happy, love, friend, makes life fun, hang out, friendly, country, sweet, down to earth, like family, breath of fresh air, genuine, southern accent, kinship, relate able, real person, real life, open, kind, life enhancer, calms me down, gets me out of my head, with there was a path between our yards, calm and kind, a shining light, southern, country cook, not fancy, not expensive, country charm, happy times!


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