In this video Jericho & Thunder try the Halo Holistic Wild Salmon & Whitefish Recipe Grain-Free Senior Dry Cat Food, 6-lb bag

We love the Halo dry kibble because it is the only dry food that we have found that doesn’t include meal. Halo uses whole meats only. Jericho & Thunder only eat food that is grain-free and free of by-products and meal. They eat a predominantly wet food diet, but they do each receive an 1/8 cup of Halo dry kibble each day. This was their first time trying this recipe, and they both loved it!

I feed my cats on an elevated/raised surface because it aids in their digestion and is more comfortable for them. I use Better Homes and Gardens 4.5-Cup Square Containers with the lids removed and the container flipped upside down.

About Jericho & Thunder:

Jericho was born in 2007 and was adopted from the Humane Society on September 28, 2007, as an 8-week-old kitten. She is either a Korat or a Russian Blue.

Thunder was born in 2009 and was adopted from an animal rescue shelter on July 21, 2017, as an 8-year-old senior cat. His breed is unknown.

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