Whitfield’s Food Revue heads to Tijuana Flats
for their Throwback Thursdaze. A megajuana Burrito, Chips, Drink & Unlimitied Hot Sauce Bar!

Tijuana Flat’s Story

Home Page

“How’d Tijuana Flats become Tijuana Flats? Funny story, really. Back in ‘95, this college kid,
Brian Wheeler, walked into a bar. Actually, a bunch of bars. (And restaurants, too.) At first,
it was just harmless fun. But over time, the good times got the best of him and just going out
no longer cut it. So Brian decided to open his own restaurant despite having never worked in one
before (brilliant, right?). Only problem was, Brian was broke. Luckily, his parents weren’t.
And after much begging and pleading, his dad loaned him $20,000 & Brian opened
the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida.”

The Tijuana Flats Manifesto
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