Wagandlove food now ready to be order.

If anyone interested to buy then he may buy directly by visiting the below site:

In order to avail the discount please use the below coupn code before final purchase .

1. 3.5kg bags: 5% discount with free shipping ( coupon code : DRMISHRA5OFF)

2. 7kg bags: 7% discount with free shipping( coupon code: DRMISHRA7OFF )

3. 10kg bags: 10% discount with free shipping( coupon code: DRMISHRA10OFF)

4. 15kg bags: 15% discount with free shipping.( coupon code: DRMISHRA15OFF )

U can freely share the codes to your friends and relative and let everyone get the benefits.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How to select the appropriate food for your dog:

1.For small and medium breed puppies:

select puppy bloom starter and small breeds

2. For large and giant breed puppies

select puppy bloom large and giant breeds

3. For adult dog of small and medium breeds

select adult vigor food

4. For adult dog of large and giant breeds

select adult vigor large and giant breeds

5. For dogs of all ages with poor skin coat and weak immune system

select Salmon relish all breeds.

Happy shopping!!

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