If you own a pet, more than likely you remember the dog food recall that first occurred last March. The food that was recalled was more than just a slight problem, but it was potentially deadly food, which definitely put fear in the hearts of pet owners all across the Nation. There were more than 16 deaths that were associated with this tainted food and thousands of worried pet owners were flooding veterinarians’ offices fearing the worst about their pets. While it appears that the initial crisis is over, pet owners still find themselves on edge, so let’s take a closer look at the latest news on the dog food recall.

Brands that were Recalled

If you have a dog of your own, then you’ll definitely want to know more about which dog foods were recalled during this dog food crisis. There were a variety of different brands and types of foods that were recalled during this time and some may still not be safe for your dog, though you probably won’t find them on the store shelves anyway. The following are a few of the different dog foods that were a part of the dog food recall.


– Champion Breed Large Biscuits

– Blue Buffalo

– Diamond Pet Food

– Food Lion dog food

– Gravy Train

– Hannaford

– Iams Can Chunky Formula

– Mighty Dog

– Nutriplan

– Ol’ Roy

– Pet Essentials

– Publix

– Springfield Prize

– Winn Dixie

– Weis Total Pet

Where Did the Problem Come From?

One of the big questions that surrounded the dog food recall is where the problem actually came from. In the end it appeared that the FDA had actually traced the gluten that was responsible for much of the problem all the way back to China. The gluten was actually tainted with melamine, which ended up causing the problem with the food in the first place. The FDA is fairly sure that this is where the problem really did come from and that other types of pet foods should still be safe for pets. Although the FDA believes that the problem gluten came from China, the officials in China still maintain that they don’t believe they are actually responsible for these foods that have been tainted.

Many Lawsuits Have Been Filed

Since the dog food recall occurred, there have been quite a few different law suits filed against the companies that made the dog food that was contaminated. Those who have filed these suits have alleged that their dogs either became sick or died when they ate the food that has been recalled. Pet owners who lost a pet or had to pay extensive bills due to a sick pet because of the dog food recall definitely feel that they should be compensated and that these dog food companies should be held accountable for what they have done.

It is still important today that you take a close look at what your dog is eating. Although the food now seems to be okay, many pet owners are still shying away from foods that were recalled in the past. Even though these foods seem to be okay now, if your dog ever does develop any suspicious symptoms it is important that you call your vet as soon as possible. So, for now the danger of the dog food recall seems to be behind us; however, you never know when there could be a problem again, so it is important that you always keep an eye on your dog and what he eats.


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