Dog nutrition is all about nutrients, or what your dog eats as food to keep him healthy. There are six families of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. A balanced diet is critical for the longevity of your dog. Proper balanced pet diets increase the life-span of your dog. A nutritious diet is one of the most critical subjects to learn. Since dogs are active animals, they do eat a lot and they need proper nutrition as well as humans do.

A dog’s diet is just as important, if not more essential, than loving your dog. If you want to truly show how much you love and care about them it is essential that you keep them healthy with a proper diet. A well planned meal is very important when preparing dog food. We all know that the ideal food to feed to newborn puppies is their mother’s milk.

Pet foods are not regulated like our food is so it is critical to read the ingredient labels. General dog nutrition is the same as human nutrition; the more natural, the better. Pet owners were devastated to learn that the food the manufacturers passed off as safe was making their pets deathly ill. Some actually died before the food was withdrawn from store shelves. Choose several excellent brands and alternate between them every month or so. This will help you to avoid any dangers accidentally posed by one brand while ensuring that your pet receives the absolute best dog nutrition. Choosing a quality pet food for your dog should not be difficult. However, since the pet food recall, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Pet Medical Recorder is a simple to use software tool which will generate a set of special forms to allow you to keep track of all your dog’s medical and treatment information. It will keep records of vaccinations, worming and flea control, so you can see at a glance when the treatment needs repeating.

Naturally we want our dogs to live with us for as long as possible. Natural oils must also be included in a dogs nutrition because they are a source of energy and acids that provide your dog with the best skin and hair care.

Vitamins are of course essential for good health and we take them for granted. Humans pop a pill and can get extra vitamins. Vitamin E is another essential dog vitamin that people are increasingly using in their dogs diet. Vitamins used in such commercial foods are synthetic and minerals are in such crude forms the animals cannot use them. Then there is the even greater issue of getting each of these synthetic and mined nutrients from separate sources and mixing them together and thinking they will work together like they do when found in a natural state.

Proper dog nutrition is in our hands. What can we do to ensure the health and vitality of our beloved dogs that give so many of us their unconditional love? A proper diet is necessary if you want to keep your dog’s health in check and preventing costly trips to the vet.


Source by Andre Arnett

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